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Correcting Assembly Drawings & Cutting Costs; Starter Switch and Wire Harnesses

Correcting Assembly Drawings & Cutting Costs; Starter Switch and Wire Harnesses A major packaging equipment manufacturer has multiple wire harness and switch sub-assemblies requiring intense manual labor.  These assemblies were costly and the Humaneering team

Self Cleaning Litter Box – Test, Repair, & Repack

  One of our customers came to Humaneering with a significant and costly problem.  They had a multitude of product, self cleaning litter boxes, that were not working correctly. They asked us to unpack the

Packaged Cotton Products

Our abilities at Humaneering include the kitting and packaging of specialty packets for the sales industry including Packaged Cotton Products. The kit highlighted here is a variety pack of cotton products that is sold in

Re-Package & Shrink Wrap Electronic Toy Hamsters

At Humaneering, Inc. we serve as a reliable source for the repackaging needs of customers in various industries including to Re-Package & Shrink Wrap Electronic Toy Hamsters. The project highlighted here involves the shrink wrap repackaging

Teddy Bear Electronic Voice Box Re-Assembly

At Humaneering, Inc. we specialize in providing electronic assembly services for retail and electronics customers across North America including Electronic Teddy Bear Voice Box Re-Assembly. The project shown here required the disassembly, repair, and re-assembly

Screen Door Grills

Our turnkey fabrication services at Humaneering are flexible and customized to customers’ specific needs including fabricating Screen Door Grills. The project shown here consists of the fabrication of a screen door grill for a customer

Wallpaper Sample Books

At Humaneering, we can develop efficient contract assembly and packaging solutions to unique manufacturing challenges including making Wallpaper Sample Books. The product shown here is a wall paper sample book that is used by a

Re-Packaged Electrical Tape

At Humaneering, Inc., we specialize in packaging solutions which is what has built our positive, customer-oriented reputation to customers nationwide. This project, Re-Packaged Electrical Tape, highlighted here exemplifies these capabilities, and focuses on the cost