Correcting Assembly Drawings & Cutting Costs; Starter Switch and Wire Harnesses

A major packaging equipment manufacturer has multiple wire harness and switch sub-assemblies requiring intense manual labor.  These assemblies were costly and the Humaneering team found and resolved multiple errors within the customer’s drawings.

The customer asked Humaneering to quote the project and we were able to refine the drawings and assembly process to cut costs improve productivity.

As these harnesses interconnected the machinery to the control panels they were critical to many aspects of manufacturing and our improved process saved the customer immeasurable time, an money.


Product Description: Starter Switch Wire Harness
Capabilities Applied/Processes:
  • Cut Wire
  • Strip Wire
  • Crimp Connectors
  • Test
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Custom Jigs and hand tools
Expertise: Connector Crimping and Wire Harness Testing
Material Used: Customer Supplied
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed: Measurement
Industry for Use: Equipment Manufacturing
Volume: Hundreds
Delivery Location: US
Product: Wire Harness
Client Value: Cut Costs, Corrected Drawings,  & Improved Process