Molding, Machining and Fabrication Services

We have been providing industrial fabrication and machining services in the Cleveland area for over 20 years.

Plastic Injection Molding – Plastic injection molding can cut costs while maintaining product quality and strength. New compounds that combine plastic with metal or glass increase strength while staying moldable. Comparing the cost of machining or fabrication of metal, injection molding often turns out to be a less costly alternative.  We can build, design, and maintain your plastic injection molds. We work with prototype molds, production molds, insert molding, hot runner molds, three plate molds, cam action molds, and overmolding. We also offer solid modeling / rapid prototyping (SLA).


Thermoforming – Thermoforming is often used for blister pack and clam-shells – as well as specialty items like point-of-purchase displays, prototyping tasks. Thermoforming applications are also used to form automotive parts and accessories. Let us know what your need is. We’ll be glad to see if we can help.


Wireforming – If you are looking for Wireforming, we can help with custom solutions to produce point-of purchase displays, wire guards for lights, fans, machines, and heaters. Let us know if you need something bent in 3D or formed as a grid. Our wire diameters range from .080″ to .500″. Yes, we can also work with round and square tubing, sheet metal, and pegboard to provide the finished POP system for your plan-o-gram.


Machining – Our Machining capabilities include drilling, milling, tapping, turning, pressing, and CNC (and more!). Please let us know if you have samples and/or drawings we can use to preview your project.


Industrial / Production Services – Do you have any industrial / production Woodworking tasks? Our services include all standard woodshop capabilities and can produce furniture, window accessories (such as window knee braces), and promotional items.


Metal Finishing and Coating Services

Powder Coat: Provides a tough, colorful shell for metallic parts. Please send a drawing or provide a sample for a quote.


Enamel and Laquer Coating: Wet paint options for many different applications.


Deburring: We can deburr metal, plastic, stamped, cast, extruded or machined parts. Polishing, generating radii, and general surface improvement can be achieved in the vibratory machines. In addition to removing burrs, we can also remove burrs, sharp edges, tool marks, flashing, heat-treat scale, and rust. Many different types and sizes of media can be used on your parts, such as: ceramic, plastic, and aluminum oxide. Steel media burnishing and belt sanding is also available.


Sulfuric Anodize – Type II (Clear or Dyed): Meets MIL-A-8625 specifications. The dye colors available are black, green, gold, red, and blue. The best results are achieved on 6061, 6262, 7075 wrought alloys; 355,356 cast alloys; and 319 die cast alloys.


Conversion Coating: Iridite and alodine. Meets MIL-C-5541 specifications. Conversion coating provides a corrosion resistant alternative to anodize for aluminum sheets, stampings, extrusions, forgings, and aluminum castings without any other pre-coating processes.


Degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning: Our alternatives for degreasing include the use of various pressure spray equipment or cobmeal in conjunction with vibratory systems. Additionally, ultrasonic cleaning is available for rapid cleaning of parts that have hard to reach or “blind” areas.
Passivation: We passivate stainless steel parts to remove impurities, which causes corrosion, thereby bringing about the restoration of the “passive layer.” This process is certified to QQ-P-35 and ASTM 967.


Rust proofing and immersion coating: We offer an application of a long-lasting rustproof oil or a light dry-to-the-touch coating to protect your product.


Pickle and Oil: This process removes various contaminants and discolorations and provides corrosion resistance.


Light Assembly and Binding Services

Humaneering offers light assembly and binding services to a variety of industries. We can help with your design and build of point-of-purchase displays. Our services extend to collation and assembly of advertising or informational packages.

Point-of-Purchase Solutions
  • Design and Prototypes
  • Screen Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Wire-formed POPs
  • Displays and Signage
  • Thermoforming
  • Plastic Fabrication

Binding & Mailing Services

  • Multibinding
  • Collating
  • Wire O
  • GBC Plastic comb binding
  • Fast Back Binding
  • Knife/Gate/Right AngleFolding
  • Round corner
  • Padding
  • Eyelet & Screw Post Binding
  • Saddlestitching
  • Heavy-duty Stitching
  • Plastic Spiral Binding
  • Wire Spiral Binding
  • Perforating / Scoring / Slitting
  • Cutting & Micro Cutting
  • Paper Drilling
  • Shrink Wrap

Specialty Graphic Arts Services

  • Cutting & Paper Drilling
  • Folding
  • Mylar Patch & 5/16″ Punch
  • Mylar Tab Cutting
  • Scoring
  • Round Cornering (1/8″ -5/8″)
  • Step Index Tab Cutting
  • Duo-Tang Folders
  • Eyeletting of tags, dials, & card packs
  • Mylar Strip & Drill
  • Perforating
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Pressure Sensitive Transfer Taping
  • Index Tab Cutting


  • Acme
  • Gouge
  • Rolodex
  • Automotive
  • Kalamazoo
  • Slot
  • Buttonhole
  • Memo
  • Booster
  • Ribbon


  • Eyelet Fiber patch
  • Metal Eyelet & Wiring
  • String Looping
  • Eyelet Metal Patch
  • String Knotting (Cotton & Elastic)