Our abilities at Humaneering include the kitting and packaging of specialty packets for the sales industry including Packaged Cotton Products. The kit highlighted here is a variety pack of cotton products that is sold in a retail setting by a major healthcare supply company. The kit consists of cotton rounds, swabs, squares and other similar products which are provided to us in bulk quantities. Due to the nature of this product, hand counting is required for many operations, while weigh count is used where applicable.

The products are collated to create multiple variety packs, packaged in bags, and heat sealed in accordance to customer specifications. We produce millions of these packs which are distributed to multiple facilities throughout the US and Canada. This project demonstrates our ability to efficiently manage large volume, labor intensive processes. The lightweight and variability of this product prohibits automation, and our low-overhead production costs provide a cost effective alternative to in-house production.

Our assembly and packaging services are designed to accommodate a wide range of product types, sizes, and volumes for customers in a diverse range of industries. For additional details regarding this custom high volume packaging project, see the table below, or contact us directly.


Product Description: Products include Cotton Rounds, Swabs, Squares, and Other Configurations.
Capabilities Applied/Processes: Primary: Weight-count, Hand-count, Collate and create multiple product variety pack kits for retail sales.Secondary: Shipping
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Heat Sealer
Expertise: Assembly of Variety Packs
Material Used: Customer Supplied Cotton Products
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed: Weight Count
Industry for Use: Retail
Volume: Millions
Delivery Location: US & Canada
Product Name: Cotton Products
Why Did you Choose this Project to Show Case?: Large Volume Projects in Multiple Facilities