At Humaneering, Inc., we specialize in packaging solutions which is what has built our positive, customer-oriented reputation to customers nationwide. This project, Re-Packaged Electrical Tape, highlighted here exemplifies these capabilities, and focuses on the cost advantages of working with a local vendor. In this case the customer required repackaging of electrical tape into a 10 piece value pack, as well as the assembly of the related point-of-purchase (POP) display. The electrical tape manufacturer required us to receive shipments from multiple sources, repackage the products, with POP displays, palletize, and ship to retailers across North America.

During this project the tape rolls were unpacked from their respective plastic unit boxes, which were then recycled. The rolls were then sorted according to color, shrink-wrapped with shrink film, and shrink tubes, then labeled, and packaged with the assembled POP displays.

In the end we completed the repackaging of 330,000 rolls, providing the customer with an alternative strategy to overseas production, which represent significant savings in cost as well as eliminating related logistical constraints.

To learn more about this project, or the processes used to complete it, see the table below or contact us directly.



Product Description: 10-pack Value Pack Electrical Tape Shrink Wrap
Capabilities Applied/Processes: Primary: Shrink WrapSecondary: POP Display Assembly, Re-package, Special Project and Warehousing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Heat Tunnel
Shrink Film
Shrink Tube
Expertise: Assembly
POP Display Assembly
Shrink Wrap
Material Used: 50 Gage PVC Shrink Film
POP Display Cartons and Packing Tape
Shrink Tube
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed: Visual Inspection
Industry for Use: Electrical
Home Improvement
Volume: Approximately 330,000 Rolls of Tape
Delivery Location: National Distribution Centers
Standards Met: 2D CAD Drawing
Customer Specifications
Product Name: Electrical Tape Value Packs