Our turnkey fabrication services at Humaneering are flexible and customized to customers’ specific needs including fabricating Screen Door Grills. The project shown here consists of the fabrication of a screen door grill for a customer in the home improvement industry. This is an ongoing long-term project that demonstrates our project management and turnkey fabrication abilities.

The customer provides us with the aluminum extrusions which comprise the grill frame as well as the sheets of heavy gauge aluminum mesh which are used for the grill itself. After delivery of the raw materials, we miter cut the extrusions, cut the mesh to size, and assemble the grills. Rivets are used to secure the mesh to the aluminum frame. After the grill has been assembled, it is powder coated to customer specifications.

In addition to fabrication and assembly, we provide packaging and drop shipping for this product. The powder coated grills are individually shrink-wrapped, boxed, labeled, and palletized for shipment. Packaged grills are shipped to major distribution hubs throughout the country for delivery to large retail home centers. We produce thousands of these grills annually, with a lead time of approximately two weeks per order. For additional details regarding this turnkey fabrication project, see the table below, or contact us directly.




Product Description: Screen Door Grills
Capabilities Applied/Processes:
  • Primary: Miter Cut, Cut-to-Size, Assembly, Powder-Coat, Rivet, Shrink-Wrap, Labeling, Packaging, Project Management.
  • Secondary: Shipping
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Heat Tunnel
Power Miter Box
Rivet Machine
Shrink Wrap
Expertise: Assembly, Fabrication, and Packaging
Material Used: Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum Mesh
Shrink Film
Material Finish: Powder-Coat
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed: Manual Inspection
Industry for Use: Big-Box Retail
Home Improvement
Volume: Thousands
Delivery/Turnaround Time: 2 weeks
Delivery Location: Nationwide
Product Name: Screen Door Grill

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