At Humaneering, we can develop efficient contract assembly and packaging solutions to unique manufacturing challenges including making Wallpaper Sample Books. The product shown here is a wall paper sample book that is used by a major nationwide retailer. To make this book, we are provided with wallpaper from 26 different wall covering manufacturers. The wall paper is provided in rolls that must be re-rolled in preparation for cutting. After the paper is cut, each sample is labeled with its identifying information. To assemble the book, the samples are collated and drilled using specialized paper drills before being bound in a three ring binder. Thousands of these books are created each year, when the new wall paper designs are released.

Upon completion, the books are shipped out to multiple retail locations throughout the country. This is a long term project for us that demonstrates our multifaceted assembly, packaging, and distribution capabilities. Coordination of a project this size requires experience and a strong commitment to customer service. We are capable of taking on a project management role and collaborating with multiple vendors to ensure a job is performed correctly and according to schedule. For additional details regarding this custom assembly and packaging project, see the table below, or contact us directly.



Product Description: Wallpaper Sample Book
Capabilities Applied/Processes: Primary: Re-rolled, Convert to Size, Cutting, Drilling, and Assembly.Secondary: Distributing, Fulfillment, 5 years Project management.
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Paper Cutters
Paper Drills
Expertise: Assembly
Material Used: Customer Provided Wallpaper
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed: Manual Inspection
Visual Inspection
Industry for Use: Retail Home Improvement
Volume: Thousands
Delivery/Turnaround Time: Annual Project
Delivery Location: Nationwide
Product Name: Wallpaper Samples